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3 Traditional Paving Ideas If You Have A Small Garden

Contrary to popular belief, having a small garden does not mean that you have to forego substance or style. In fact, a small area has the potential for a lot of creativity and imagination.

If you are looking to explore some design ideas to pave your garden, the following are some remodeling options to consider.


When we talk about paving slabs, we are either thinking about driveways or big patio spaces. However, paving slabs can be used to give a strong look to small areas. In fact, if you mix them up with other materials such as decorative stones or wooden decking, they can look very attractive. If you are looking for a modern and dark look for your patio, this is an ideal option. This kind of paving is sure to transform the look of your garden.


Not all garden paving design ideas have to be modern. If you want to keep your garden tidy and at the same time bring the best out of its looks, you can go for an organisational and classic look as well. You could use the paving stones to create elegant borders within the space for symmetry. You could finish the design by incorporating some delicate climbers or lavender plants to the surrounding walls.

This kind of design draws the attention of any onlooker to the centre of the garden. This enables even small garden spaces to be eye-catching.


Many homeowners struggle with the small area of their garden. If you want your garden to look big, one good option is to create a sense of continuity. This makes the outdoor space look like it is an extension of the house. Amazingly, this can be accomplished by simply using paving slabs that are either similar or identical to the flooring of your house. If you do it right, this kind of finish will serve a dual purpose.

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